Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Free TSR Harmonia's Donations Pack 72

What's Inside:

Harmonia Set 130
Harmonia set 088
Harmonia TEEN Set 122
Harmonia TEEN Set 125
Harmonia TEEN Set 128
Harmonia Set 117
Harmonia TEEN Set 084
Harmonia Xmas TEEN Jewel Cocktail Dress
Harmonia ELDER Lace-effect Halter Sleepwear
Harmonia Fratres - Steampunk Corset Dress


We hope you like the Items in this Donation Pack. Please take a moment to 
Thank our Donor, brookedanielle93 
for this Awesome Donation.

Via brookedanielle93 "Feel free to add me on" 


 Files can be downloaded separately.

All files are in .sims3pack

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  1. Oh my! Wonderful stuff! Thanks so much!

  2. Hey there, thank you so much for these amazing pack!
    Anyway, I have a question here, where can I find the hair on the first picture, the female at the very right? I want it so badly XD
    Thanks in advance!

    1. The Peggy Donate Hair 857 Hair?

      You can either click the "GET IT " Button under the picture or paste the URL below in you browser

    2. I think you might have meant the hairstyle on the girl in the first photo of THIS post, but if not, you'll find Emma's comment helpful.

      The best look-a-like I found is Physical by Newsea; it's free on TSR:

  3. Brilliant thanks heaps


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