Thursday, March 14, 2013

Monthly Message: FAQ and How To's

Most commonly asked questions are going to be answered here. Usually noobs newcomers have a few questions about file types, how to install, and other technical questions.

Are the files in sims3pack?
Yes, as stated in every post, all files are in .sims3pack.

What are .rar files? How can I use them?
This is one of the most common questions. Most files on Underneath the Sims 3 are compressed into .rar, .zip, and rarely .7z Compressed files means there is one or more files packaged into one file (that is in rar, zip, or 7z). Most PC's come with Winrar or Winzip, which are programs that extract these files. If you do not want to buy these programs, or have a Mac (I don't know what program, if any, Mac users have) then you can get free rar/zip extracting programs such as Rar Extract Frog (PC) and Zipeg (Mac and PC).

How do I put the files into my game? 
Since all files are in .sims3pack here, there's only one step necessary: double click the sims3pack file. Once double clicked, your Sims 3 installer will open from the Sims 3 Launcher and it will begin to install. It will notify you when your download is complete.

Do I have to convert the files?
Honestly, I'm always puzzled by this question. What, exactly, are you planning to convert? No conversion is needed (you'd probably damage your file attempting to do so). If you are confused why I say all files are in sims3pack and you download a file in rar or zip, refer to the second FAQ at the top of this post.

Help! My hair is not showing up in my game?
Considering the 100+ hairs on here, I can say I don't have every single hair I've posted in my game. When there is at least 2 reports of this problem, I can consider it something beyond a personal error (CC or mods you may have that is preventing this hair from showing up). I'm a distributor, not a creator, so my knowledge of the technical side of CC is extremely limited. I'll try my best to help, but sometimes reinstalling helps.

Can I request this makeup/clothing/object?
Sorry, but no you may not. My main priority is distributing hair, and that alone is a time-consuming thing. If you have noticed some jewelry, makeup, or clothing here but those are bonus items and they are not consistent.

Another note: I love all the comments and thank yous. I may not respond to all of them (I do my best), but I read every single one of them. I'm so appreciative of the amazing support and gratitude and it's never something I'd take for granted. With that said, I appreciate patience as well. Requesting over and over doesn't prioritize a request. I have little patience for complainers and people who are rude. In the large scale of life, tiny things that annoy you (especially here) are not at all significant.

Thank you for the amazing 51 followers. You make me smile. :)



  1. Is this site legal??

    1. It actually isn't. Most of the creators mention not to upload to other sites. This IS indeed an illegal site. I wish something could be done about it but I don't think anything can. :( Hipsikum Sims is a bad person. Downloading retextures of these hairs is better anyway.

  2. Hi! I have a request. Can you convert these two files into sims3pack please?

    The hair is at the bottom (the high bun and bangs)

  3. are all the downloads free? because of the "donation"

    1. Yes, all of the downloads are 100% free. Sometimes you'll see tags such as "donate" or "subscription required" because those items would have to be paid for on their ORIGINAL sites, but not here. You might see "donation" often which means someone else sent us files that they paid for, and you can download them for free.

  4. Every time I Try And Open It Goes Straight To My Download List.

    1. I'm sorry, but what are you try to open?

  5. The File. Like It Download With Media fire And When I Open The File It Goes Back To This Site.

    1. I'm sorry you're having such problems, but I do not understand what file your are referring to. If you can, please post a link to the file or at least a title of the page the file is on, it will help out a great deal. I realize you are frustrated but in order to help you we need to locate the file you are talking about. I'm not at all familiar with the file "Like It Download With Media fire" Again I am sorry your having these difficulties.

  6. When I try to open the package file after extracting it, I get prompted about which application I would like to use to open a .PACKAGE file. What should I choose? It does not automatically launch with the Sims 3 launcher like it should. :-(

    1. When you extract a .package file from a zip all you need to do is place the .package file in the following location: Documents/Electronic Art/The Sims 3/Mods/Package Open that folder and cut or copy the .package file and paste in in the Package folder. Start your came and the file will work.

      If you do not have a Mods Folder you can download it Here:

      Scroll down till you see Set Up Folder & Files. Click on Download under No# 2 and follow the rest of the instructions on that page. It will have everything you need. Then place the .package file in the Package Folder. That's all there is to it.

    2. Emma is right, but I can write a tutorial how to use package files.

      Unfortunately they are an entirely different way of installation than the sims3packs, so that's why I post every file in sims3pack

  7. Hey I just want to start with saying that I LOVE your site! Thanks for making my game so much more playable (ofc a big thankyou for the creators aswell)! I'm promoting this site to all of my friends :)

    I got a request, this is a hair I had before but due to a new computer I lost it.

    It's the raonjena sims hair #34. All of you should have it becuse it's adorable, and the hair is so beautiful in the game. I really recommend it to all sims fans. I tried to search it here but I couldnt find it. :(

    A big thumb up Hipsikum Sims!!

  8. your downoloads are not working anymore :(


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