Friday, August 2, 2013

Free TSR Donations Pack 65

What's inside:

Anchor Garden Modern Lamp Set by Dot
Chaotic by simseviyo
Corner Lamp Set by Dot
Ekinege Swimwear 6 - Set 87
Elegant Dining by Shino&KCR
Jusquiame Noire by Onyxium
Medieval Hay Wagon by shakeshaft
Party top and leather pants 238 set by sims2fanbg
So Random by simseviyo
Turkish Villa by Pralinesims


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All files are in .sims3pack

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  1. What is the hair in the So Random picture? The low pigtails? If you don't have it now, can I request it? lol.

    1. I am honestly at a loss as to who done this hair...I just went through all the hairs from 5 of the most known artist (Newsea's Both TSR and Her own Website, Cazy's, Skysims. Peggy's and RaonJean) and only two came close that looked like the front of the hair. but not the back. The back of the hair is rolled up with some strands of it loose. Neither of the hairs that I saw have this. Here is a Pic of the Hair you want, front and back

      Here are the pick of the two i saw that came close:

      Newsea's Evergreen:

      Newsea's Musical Hairstyle:

      Evergeen can be downloaded Here:

      Newsea's Musical is Here


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