Saturday, August 10, 2013

Free Newsea Harvest Hairstyle (J072) - Donation!!!

Hair braiding has long been thought to have originated in East Africa. 
The oldest known image of hair braiding was traced back to a burial site 
called Saqqara located on the Nile river during the first dynasty of Pharaoh Menes. 
 It was a means of communication so that at a glance one individual 
 could distinguish a wealth of information about another, 
whether they were married, mourning, or of age for courtship,
 simply by observing their hairstyle


For females only, from toddler to adult.

All files are in .sims3pack

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  1. Request for butterflysims 94 when you have a chance

    1. Your Request is up...You can access it from the Homepage or here:


  2. Hey! So I have a request for Newsea's hair J154 'More than honey'
    I'm so in love with it and it would be amazing to have it ( I can totally see my mermaid using it!)

    Thanks so much, big fan of your site!


Feel free to comment. Request season is OPEN.


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