Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer's Here! Free TSR Donation Pack 7 -- Swimsuit and Mermaid Edition!

This pack contains over 20 items from TSR and one Newsea hair, along with a special rare mermaid folder with rare hairs by Annihilation and mermaid tales (no Island Paradise required!). A big thanks for this donation; it's perfect for the season! The mermaid tales are package files (sorry, but mods usually work in this format) and they are not the new mermaid Sims occult from Island Paradise.It's just a free, fun way for your Sims to be mermaid while still being Sims...if that makes sense :P I was told that some of the Annihilation hairs are hard to find.

Contents of this donation pack include:
  • Beach Set by melisa_inci
  • Crochet Trimmed Bikini by BluElla
  • U-Wire Bikini by BluElla
  • Hollywood Luxury Swimsuit by Cleotopia
  • Swimwear 6 Set 87 by ekinege
  • Swimwear 2 Set 28 by ekinege
  • Gotta Keep On by hasel
  • Set 55 by hasel
  • Beach Time by hasel
  • Acacia Swimwear Montauk Seminyak by MissDaydreams
  • L Space Swimwear Dolly Fringe by MissDaydreams
  • Very Summer by MissDaydreams
  • Diva Swimwear by ShakeProductions
  • U Tube Bikini by simromi
  • No Where by sims2fanbg
  • Set 83 by sims2fanbg
  • Dance Till the World Ends by simseviyo
  • Glam Bikini by tiffaff27
In the mermaid folder:
  • Mermaid hair (wavy and straight) by Annihilation
  • Newsea Mermaid Hair
  • Various mermaid tails and a NullShoes package. Read the donor's readme!
  • MTS Mermaid

A few pics from what's inside:

Files cannot be downloaded separately

Besides the mermaid mods, all clothing/hair/TSR CC items are in .sims3pack


  1. Oooh! We're spoiled. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Hipsikum! Without you and your wonderful blog we would all be lost searching for free TSR Subscriber hair, I just want to say thank you so much for all that you do and your kindness for being so concerned about the clothing and hair needs of other simmers! <3

  3. All my sim stuff got deleted a few days ago. So I started searching for new things to download and I found this site. Thank you for everything. I got so much stuff from this site. I will forever come back and I follow your twitter! <3

  4. Thank you, I love being able to download so much amazing stuff in one place instead of having to go to all different sites. You must be very busy, so thank you for taking the time to run this awesome blog!

  5. Thank you very much both of you ! It's been a while since I wanted my Sims to be a mermaid !

    But, T-T, the null shoes doesn't work by me. Maybe it's because I'm used to use only sims3pack. Could you turn it into a sims3pack for me(and maybe others), please ?



    1. Are you familiar with using package files? They have their own way of installation, and if it's not done right, packages may not work in your game.

      I'm sorry but I can't convert packages to sims3pack anymore, and mods can only come in package files. They can't be sims3pack because they are not CC; they just modify the game.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.


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