Sunday, June 30, 2013

Monthly Message: What's Coming in the Next Few Months

Hey everyone,

I wanted to post this as an update of what's going to be happening in the very near future. In around a week I will be gone; I'll be out travelling and unfortunately away from the internet and my PC for a long time. I will be back in very late August but you might see posts by me in September. I will enjoy my vacation (especially that cold wave in Europe) but I will miss writing to you. If I get the chance, perhaps, in a coffee shop or something, I will log in and see if I can post, but I can't keep promises.

I would rather not have the blog go stale during my absence, so I found an extremely nice person who is going to fill in for me in the period of time that I'll be gone. She goes by the username of Emma, and I hope that you are just as sweet and kind to her as you are to me. I'm very grateful I've found someone who can post all the new hairs and other stuff while I'm gone, so don't worry, you'll still be getting new hair that comes out.

We are just 39 Facebook likes away from opening request season. If we do hit 500 likes, as you know request season will be open, but it will not be open when I'm away. I will be gone for over a month, so make sure you spread the word so I can respond to as many requests as possible in the short week until my departure!

I hope you all have a great summer too. Feel free to post in the comment where you are going or would like to go to in the summer. I still have a week left, and even though I will be busy packing, I'll do my best to do as much as I can.



  1. Happy Holidays Hipsikum - have a wonderful time. We blow you kisses. We will be nice to Emma too. XX D

  2. Hope you have fun on vacation!

  3. enjoy your vacation, have a good time and we will be here waiting for you! thank you so much for the wonderful downloads , safe trip!!!

  4. Have a fun and safe holiday!

  5. Have a great vacation! We will miss you!

  6. I know how much a vacation can be needed. Please enjoy!!

    And thank you in advance to Emma!

  7. Hi Everyone. Thank you for your wonderful comments. I hope I don't disappoint this wonderful lady or any of you. I will promise to do my best. When I came across this site a few months ago I was in awe at what she was doing and how wonderful she treated everyone. To be able to help her out during her vacation is a wonderful opportunity for me. I feel I owe her so much for what she does here.

    I started playing the Sims when The Sims Bustin' Out came out for the First Playstation console and have been hooked ever since. So I guess you can say I'm a Sims Junkie. I'm no expert on the Sims but I will do my best to help any who need help and I love looking at all the wonderful creations that are out there to make my game play that much better.

    Hipsikum I hope you have a wonderful Vacation and I think I speak for us all when I say we will truly miss you., and will be counting the days when you come back home. <3

    1. Oooh another Bustin' Out fan! I think I like you already ;)

  8. I loved the game... and I still have it along with the original playstation. LOL


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