Friday, June 21, 2013

Free TSR Donation Pack 30

What's inside:
Amsterdam Abode by fredbrenny
Barna Bathroom by Flovv
Boys T-Shirts with Denim Shorts Set by lillka
FS 58 Rose by Katyelys
Living Lila by Flovv
More Casual Looks Set by simsimay
Romantic Living by Angela
Skysims Hair 82
Villa Modern City Style III by Pralinesims

Files can be downloaded separately.

All files are in .sims3pack


  1. Hey :) Can you please upload the Cat eye Sunglass from Gosik & Pralinesims Villa Croatia III ?

  2. And HOW Do I Download This?

    1. The link opens up to a MediaFire folder where you can pick and choose what items you'd like to download. Just simply select the item and click "download" at the top. Not too complicated ;)


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