Friday, June 7, 2013

Patience is a Virtue!

So for roughly 5-6 days I've been sort of off the internet radar--as some of you may have noticed, I haven't posted or commented since. Here is why: I thought my computer had a virus when I tried booting it and I got some Check Disk error. It was impossible to start up! What it turned out to be was that my hard drive was completely shattered when I oh-so-cleverly dropped it from my desk. So for the past couple of days, my computer was in maintenance, and I used my smart phone to respond to emails. I've gotten my computer back now, but it seems like some of you in the comments don't deal well with patience.

Yes, I realize that the donation link sent to me for the Newsea Julian hair has been deleted. I have updated it with a link to my mediafire account with my file. What really disappoints me is when people have the audacity to complain about a donation file. Have you sent a donation item or pack? Then stop complaining.

I'll catch up on all the latest hairs that I've missed and all the donation packs that I'm behind on. But this will only happen when I feel the time is right (also next week I have examinations) because right now I'm not very happy with the impatience.



  1. Hallo, Hipsikum

    ärgere Dich nicht, was die so schreiben !! Viel Glück für Deine Prüfungen !!

    Good luck for your exames !!!

    schönen Tag noch

    1. ich danke Ihnen! ja, ich habe den ganzen Tag studieren, hoffentlich wird es sich lohnen, für morgen. :)

  2. i can wait... :) keep it up! love everything you put up here.. god blees.. :)

  3. You have spoiled us and some people will behave like brats. Concentrate on your exams and good luck. Thank you for all you do for us. Even the naughty brats.

  4. Some people are just too entitled. I guess some people don't realize that you have more things to do than cater to them. If they have nothing better to do than complain all day, perhaps their time would be better spent learning to make their own items. Then they could stop harassing you and annoying the rest of us. I most certainly appreciate everything you do. As far as I can see all the people that have commented so far do too. Good luck with your exams.

  5. You have given us some many amazing things. People need to be be patient. Your doing you're best to please everyone and I know that I am truly grateful for everything you have uploaded... Take you're time, examinations are very important, please ignore them losers, why don't they go and pay for things instead of moaning? They need to start to appreciating more what you are doing for us.
    Good luck with your exams, and I look forward to seeing the newest uploads when your able to place them up, and thank you so much again :D xXx

  6. Don't even worry about the impatient people hun. You are doing a fine job. And the majority of us understand that real life takes precedence.
    It's just a shame that people act so entitled and behave so rudely when they have to wait a little while for something they are getting for free anyway. :/

  7. I'm pretty happy that your site is existing! It is your time you're spending to keep the blog up and give us all the nice hairs and things, time of YOUR life you're giving to us while doing this! That is a gift to all of us and we should say thank you all the time!
    It is no question that private/real life things always have priority and everybody should respect this like a matter of course.

    Don't care about people who are rude and egoistic enough to give you complains instead of thanks only because they have to wait a few days for gifts they are taking for free from someone who is generous enough to offer it.
    Those people should be ashamed about themselves.

  8. Sorry, I was so offended aboutit I forgot to whish you good luck for the exams! ,)

  9. Hello, Hipsikum..
    Don't worry too much about the impatient people..
    I personally never intended to request a new hair as I have already delighted by numerous hairs that you shared, so I don't want to ask too much.. :)))
    Please bear with some of us who are not very nice to you, but keep in your mind that there are still some of us who love and appreciate you for doing this..
    Oh, and good luck for your exam.. Much much love for you..


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