Friday, February 1, 2013

I'm Sorry!

Hi Everyone,

I had made plans to post more regularly, and I do have some hairs that are ready to be published, but I'll be absent. Again. Sorry!

Tomorrow I'm planning to go on a mandatory camping trip (don't ask), but just today I recently got the flu. If I'm feeling better tomorrow, I will continue to go on the trip which means I won't be near a computer for four days. If my case worsens, and I do not go on the trip, I will be at home trying to survive this horrible flu. Which means a slight possibility of posting, but I wouldn't guarantee it.

Thanks for your patience, I'm so grateful. Also thanks to the new followers, comments, and people who have contacted me. :)



  1. Feel better will be waiting :D...

  2. Hope you feel better and come back soon!!

  3. Thanks for your hard work and I love the new website!

    1. Thank you very much; many of comments like these have made it worth the effort.


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