Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day! Tons of FREE Gifts for You!

It's kind of odd to put two consecutive posts of special gifts--but hey, all of you make it worth it! I think this gets boring when I say it a dozen times, but I'm honestly so grateful from the support I have been receiving for Underneath the Sims 3.

I hope your Sims enjoy these love-themed free custom content on Valentine's Day. Hey, if you don't have a date or partner, be proud! Hopefully these items below help your Sims get dolled up for either a party for singles or a date in a fancy restaurant (the Bistro, anyone?). I spent a long time looking for some neat things to get, so I hope you enjoy it!


Free Skysims 84 Hair

Free Te Amo Hair by Newsea

Free Dream Glory hair by Newsea


Free Envy Me Eyeshadow by Gosik

Free Shimmery Eyeshadow by Gosik


Free Heart with Crystals Earrings by Natalis

Free Heart with Crystals Pendant by Natalis

Free Hearts Bracelet by NataliS


Free Diamond Heart Lingerie Set 50 by Ekinege

Free One Shoulder Satin Dress by Ekinege

Build/buy Objects:

Free Art of Seduction by Cashcraft

Free Angelique by Simcredible


Free Lady of the Lake by Gissence

Phew! I hope these items help you create a more romantic atmosphere in your Sims 3 game. If you enjoyed these items and would like to see more, please show your support by following us here and on social media!

Twitter: @hipsikumsims (get free Hypnotic Poison eyeshadow by following!)
Facebook: Underneath Sims 3 ("like" for free Hypnotic Poison eyeshadow)

Remember that I'm currently not accepting any requests. Please wait until request season is open again :D
Contact me:

Thanks everyone, and Happy Valentine's Day!


Every link on this site is in .sims3pack :)


  1. Thanks so much for putting up that skysims hair, from the moment I saw it I thought it was gorgeous :)

  2. i love the skysims hair and the dream glory one! thanks:)

  3. I love its :) I want to say one thing.I was some wishes :D I wrote on contact but didn't answer.Please I would like I told hairs,makeups you share at site.I will be happy :)
    Thanks you again :)

    1. Hi Damla. I'm glad you enjoy my site. As I have mentioned in this post and in those earlier, requests are not being accepted for the time being. This may seem mean, but it is necessary because there are requests that date further from yours that have yet to be answered. The list is long, and even though you requested roughly a week ago, you need to understand that immediate response is unlikely. I like to respond to requests when they have been complete, and as I check back on the "Contacts" page, yours hasn't been completed yet. Your patience would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your understanding.

  4. Thank u very very much :D


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