Friday, May 24, 2013

Monthly Message: Requesting for Dummies

Hi everyone, some of you need to understand the basics of requesting. It's not that complicated, but here are some easy guidelines that many some you seem to ignore.

The process of requesting goes as follows:

Step 1. Make sure request season is open before even considering to request. You can see if request season is open by checking the "Services" page or the "Contact" page. It's always stated whether or not it's open right away, so you don't have to dig through text to find it. If request season is not open, do not place a request, but instead wait until there's an announcement that it's open. If it is open, move on to the next steps.

Step 2. Search for your request to make sure it isn't already posted. There's a search bar on the right side of the homepage, use it to type in what you'd like to request. This does not take long at all, and it saves me time from telling you what you requested is already posted.

Step 3. Your request should be a hairstyle, otherwise it cannot be accepted. If you see other items on here that aren't hair, it's because they're either special gifts or donation items. I do not post clothes/hair/lots/objects, etc because hair is already time consuming.

Step 4. Don't request for the latest hair. Some of you have a thing for requesting a hair that has been released for only a day! Please be a bit more patient. And new hairs always get posted, so don't request for them because they're going to be put up whether they were requested for or not.

Step 5. Other things to keep in mind (sorry!): 
  • Please do not post 3+ hairstyles. I admit to struggling with handling stress, and it takes an extremely long amount of time when you just send 10 hairstyles you'd like. And that's asking for a bit much, don't you think? :P
  • Please leave a bit more than simply the link of the hair you want. It's nice to read small messages that come with requests, instead of just a link and nothing else.
  • Requests that are placed when season is closed will not be added in queue or accepted. I'm sorry I have to be a bit harsher, but I usually close request season when it all becomes to much and I can't keep up. It's for the sake of getting other requests done.
That's it for now, but I might edit this post later on when other problems appear. If you don't know yet, request season is closed. It has been closed for a very long time now, and it's because I have been super busy in my life beyond here, but summer is close and I'll have a lot more time to handle requests then. So until then, bear with me! :)



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