Saturday, May 25, 2013

Free TSR Donation Pack 5

Features of this pack:


What's inside:

Neon Lipstick from Pralinesims
Belly Dream Lip Jelly from Pralinesims
Mysterious Lip Color from Pralinesims
Teen Light the Skies Set by simsimay
Italian Luxury Villa by Pralinesims
Set 129 from Harmonia
J139 Crow by NewSea
Ikea Inspired Apartment Living by riccinumbers
Tarapana TEEN Set by ShakeProductions

Leave a thank you!

All files are in .sims3pack


  1. ty very much :)

  2. Thank you so much for these items =)

  3. Thank you....I love to check everyday and find something awesome..very generous

  4. Hello thanks you.. Lena

  5. hi! i donated a pack of items a while ago and noticed you hadn't posted the link here! :O i uploaded it to my dropbox, so please feel free to post the link:

    1. wow im sorry that I must have missed your email! I'll make sure this goes up soon! Thank you:)

  6. omg i want the juicy top so much! I LOVE THIS SITE, AND ALL THE PEOPLE WHO POST HERE! <3 and the makeup is a nice bonus! THANK SOO MUCH!!!!!

  7. Thank you SOOOOOO much to the people who donate you're amazing and a BIG thank you to Hipsikum Sims for putting them up! Everyone's generosity gives me warm fuzzies ;D XXX

  8. I love this site and i want this pack but when i try to download it sends me to a site and idk which button is the right one to download this

    1. It's the download button (kind of small) beneath all the information about about the date it was posted, the file size, and the number of downloads. Hope this helps :)

  9. any one know where i can get the hairs on the last picture


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