Wednesday, May 29, 2013

100 Followers Special -- Mega Donation Pack! (TSR Donation Pack 6)

100 followers on Bloggger, over 300 Facebook likes, and 100 followers on Twitter! Amazing!

This donation pack was donated by a lovely person, and silly me, I didn't label or mark their donation so it was buried in emails (I believe) and I never got around to putting it up. To the generous people who are donating: I'm sorry I'm a bit slow on putting them up, but I can promise that they will be put up :)

A special thank you to the person who donated this; we can all agree it's an extremely generous gesture.

Preview of the donation pack:

Contents of this donation pack include:
  • Teen Off the Shoulder Belted Dress by ilikemusic640
  • Skysims Hair 107
  • Skysims Hair 89
  • Skysims Hair 36
  • Satin Cocktail Sheath Dress by NataliS
  • Rainbow Sleepwear for Toddlers by Minicart
  • Noblesse lip cream with lip liner by Pralinesims
  • Heavenly Eyeliner by Pralinesims
  • Delicate Pearl Lip Cream by Pralinesims
  • Tropical Eyeshadow by Gosik
  • Storm Eyeshadow by Gosik
  • Party Animal Eyeliner by Gosik
  • Classic Smoky Eyeshadow by Gosik
  • Giraffe Sleepwear for Toddlers by Minicart
  • Delicate Sequined Gown by NataliS
  • Lemon Hairstyle by Cazy
  • Amanda Hairstyle by Cazy


  1. Thank you this is AWESOME :D


  3. Yay!!!!!! Thank you so so so so so mucheez!!!

  4. Beautiful! Does anyone know where the hair on the girl modeling the topless lip creame came from?

  5. Is there any way to split it up? I don't want to download every item, and my game wont let me delete sims3packs.

    1. These can't be downloaded separately, but they can be installed separately. You'll have to download all of the sims3packs in the same rar file, but once you open the rar file, you'll see you can install each sims3pack separately.

  6. Hi, i just want to thank you very much for posting a lot of free high quality hair and keep it updated until now. I just have a quick question, what does af, cf and pf means in cazy's downloaded hair pack? oh and also in newsea's hair pack, what does c,f and p means??
    thank you for whoever answering me.. LOVE U

    1. Thank you! Cf is child female, AF is adult female, and Pf is toddler female (I don't know why they use a P). C is child, f is female (usually adult), and p is toddler. Sometimes you'll see "M" which is male. Hope this helped:)

  7. thank you... :)


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