Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Free Stuff on Social Media

Hi! I just wanted to let all of you know that there are some free items on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. These items are free, but can only be downloaded there. A second donation pack was uploaded to Facebook in celebration of getting 200 likes!

On Twitter:
Make sure you follow!:) Makeup items are distributed on Twitter, sometimes without notification here.
Download: https://twitter.com/hipsikumsims/status/328161770013351938

 Embedded image permalink
Free Cotton Candy Eyeshadow by Gosik

On Facebook:
TSR donation pack 2. Like and leave a comment to show your appreciation for the generous person who gifted this to all of you. 
Second donation pack includes:
Velvet and Wool Coat by ekinege
Skysims Hair 104 (all ages)
Diva Swimwear by Shake Productions
Hollywood Luxury Swimsuit by Cleotopia
Designer outfit (Custom mesh) by Shake Productions
Design Abode IX by Pralinesims
Couple Carved Wedding Ring set by NataliS
Beach Penthouse by Pralinesims
Au Naturel Matte Lipstick by Pralinesims

Enjoy:) All files are in .sims3pack

Free Skysims Hair 106

I'm sorry to those waiting for male hairs, there haven't been a lot out lately. Make sure you check out the donation pack posted, there are some neat items on there! Enjoy :)

All files are in .sims3pack

Monday, April 29, 2013

Free TSR Donation Pack 1 (donated by a lovely person!)

You all should be very grateful that someone was generous enough to share their subscriber items from TSR. Make sure you leave a comment saying thank you to them! If you have items (not money) you want to donate, (and this is entirely up to you) send an email to me at hipsikum@gmail.com

I just want to note that this is so crazily generous and thoughtful. I'm happy that there are selfless people still around the Sims 3 community. Thank you.

Note: The safety of your account comes first. Make sure you're being smart about what you share; I do not want anyone losing money because they were sharing subscriber items!

Enjoy the contents of this donation package:

What's inside:

  • Toddler Fancy Set by Natef005 (including Vest Top, Slim Jeans, and Fancy Boots)
  • Swedish Home by Pralinesims
  • Skysims Hair 105
  • Silky Cream Eyeshadow by Pralinesims
  • Classy Smokey Eye by Pralinesims
  • My Desire by Shake Productions
  • Harmonia Set 127 by Harmonia (including Summer Dress multicolor, Spring Pencil Dress, and Belted Flores Corset Dress)
  • Coco Jambo Set-Custom Mesh by Shake Productions (Coco Jambo top and skirt)
  • 312 Spring Set by Sims2fanbg

Files cannot be downloaded separately. All files are in .sims3pack

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Monthly Message: Where's Our Donation Box?

If you have tried clicking the button above you, first how kind of you for trying, but you'll notice it doesn't link you anywhere. That's because there is no such thing as donating here. And as I've vowed before, there will never be an option to donate your money to support Underneath Sims. There is no cost for hosting the web-server since Blogger provides it for free, and everything else is taken care of. Profiting from just merely distributing CC is possibly worse than charging subscriptions and donations for CC items. If I didn't create anything, why should I receive real cash for it? With that being said, I also don't think anyone creating CC should be making money off it of either, because Sims is something (most of us) actually paid for, and I have the EULA to back up my opinion. But there's enough ruckus about that already, and that's beside the point. 

So what runs Underneath Sims? As cheesy as it sounds (and trust me, I'm the one who scoffs at anything cheesy), it is the gratitude and support that runs this blog. Honestly, and without a doubt, the lack of comments and emails unlike the plenty that I receive, would probably have caused this whole thing to shut down. During the winter I contemplated it and neglected UTS3 while I was on a break. When I returned to the cyber world, I was surprised by the many emails and comments that had mounted during my absence.  I'm always grateful for those who take the time to write me or write a thankful comment. :)

In the next post, you'll see that there is a different kind of donation that I'm willing to accept, solely because it benefits all of you and makes me less busy. If you have subscriber or donation items that are not yet on here, and you are willing to share (this is entirely up to you), I will accept file donations and I will put them up here. I would always credit or note which items are from donors. If they are hair items, they would likely to have been up here anyway, but sending in new donation/subscription items makes it much quicker for me to share. You can feel free to share any item, from lots to makeup, as long as they are in .sims3pack. If you'd like to share some of your items, send me an email at hipsikum@gmail.com 

I hope this also clarifies why I haven't been posting consistently this month. Even though I love all of you, and I enjoy blogging, it is not my main priority. It's not a job (considering how I don't profit) but more like a hobby. Sometimes I have a lot of time to post, like last month, and sometimes I don't. April and May are super busy months for me, and I appreciate your patience. 

Running UTS3 benefits me in the way giving a gift would. You don't really gain anything besides that giddy feeling of accomplishment. And that alone is worth it. :)


Free Newsea Say Forever Version 2

Hairstyle by YU

Previously, there have been a lot of requests for Newesa hairstyles that were both new and old. I hope that by getting most of Newsea's hairs up, there might be fewer requests (less work for me) for older hairstyles. Enjoy! For females; adults only.

All files are in .sims3pack

Free Newsea Swan Hair

This hair was recycled in the Hedonism hair by Newsea, but it's still very cute :) Hope you enjoy it.

All files are in .sims3pack

Free Newsea Sophie Hair

Hello! I'll keep this rather post because there are a few more posts to come after this. A lot of you have been asking me for this, and even though request season is still closed (bear with me, please), I decided to put it up here anyways. Enjoy!

All files are in .sims3pack

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Free Newsea Ice Fruit Hair


This hair is inspired by Rihanna. This is was posted on Newsea's site a while back, but some of you wanted me to put it up. Enjoy! For females, toddler to adult.

All files are in .sims3pack

Free Newsea Rosanna Hair


Hi everyone! I wish I still had the amount of free time as I did last month. I'm still making an effort to reply to your comments and emails, but posting takes more time. I'm sorry for putting you through a slow month. Some of you that are technologically challenge (I'm kidding, you're wonderful!) should make sure you check out the FAQ before reporting issues about files (particularly those unfamiliar with .rar). 

All files are in .sims3pack

Monday, April 22, 2013

Free Heartbreak Hairstyle by Cazy

I hope you enjoy this hairstyle. It's for toddlers to elders; for females only (I'm sorry that there have been only female styles lately, I'm just posting the latest releases). I hope to make up for the days I haven't been blogging when I finally have the time!:)

All files are in .sims3pack

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Free Skysims Hair 104

The newest Cazy hairstyle (Heartbreaker) is going to be up soon. If you have a question or an issue, make sure you refer to the FAQ before reporting your issue.

All files are in .sims3pack

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Free Skysims Hair 103

For those who have been asking, request season is likely going to open late May or early June. But its being closed means there are no exceptions, and remember when requests are being accepted, only hair requests are! Enjoy this hair.

All files are .sims3pack

Monday, April 15, 2013

Free Ordinary Day Hair by Cazy

I have to say--I really love this hairstyle because of it's simplicity. Lately Cazy has been producing some interesting and beautiful styles. Be warned, though, that Cazy has mastered the art of making Sims models and photos appear much better than the average simmer. If you know how to do hair coloring/shine well, you can make this style on your Sim as good as it is in the picture! For females, toddler to adult.

All files are in .sims3pack

Free Newsea Blitz Hair


This hair is for male and female, from toddler to adult. Enjoy! Reminder: please don't send in requests. Request season is closed and as I've said before, I'm very busy. Thanks :)

All files are .sims3pack

Free Newsea Azure Sky Hair + Free Converted PradaSims Summer Collection

Again---I'm so sorry for not posting very often. Time is scarce now, and I wish I could spend more time here. This month and May are going to be terrible--or at least time management-wise. I'm incredibly busy and beyond stressed at this point, so I'm sorry if I have not prioritized posting. I hope I will be able to find time to post, you deserve it!

Someone asked for a conversion, so here is Prada Sims Summer 2012 Collection converted to sims3pack:

All files are in .sims3pack


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Free Newsea Reborn Hair

Just a reminder: no requests are being accepted right now. You can tell by my horrible posting consistency that I'm very busy. This hair used to be a special gift for the first 10 followers, but sort of failed, so I closed the entire event. I guess I should release it anyways!:) I love this hairstyle, it's very voluminous and it's inspired by Beyonce.

All files are in .sims3pack

Monday, April 8, 2013

Free Skysims Hair 101

Honestly, I love this hairstyle! I love anything unique, and this hairstyle is very cute with the braid. Hope you enjoy it too!

All files are in .sims3pack

Free Newsea Ultra Lover Hair


I'm sorry that I've been sort of off the radar. It's that time of year where I'm just so stressed from all the work I have to get done, I find it hard to find time to post. This hair is inspired by Kelly Osbourne, and I like that it is much shorter than the usual hairstyles. Sorry for my inconsistency, the next few months are going to wear me out completely!

All files are in .sims3pack

Friday, April 5, 2013

Free Newsea Ramya Hair

Hi everyone! I hope you enjoy the latest hairstyle by Newsea. It's simple but still chic. Enjoy!

All files are in .sims3pack

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Free Newsea Yesenia Hair

Just another Newsea hair. The latest one is coming up! I'm on Spring Break right now, anyone else too? Let me know about what you like to do this season :) Females only; toddler to adult.

All files are in .sims3pack


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