Monday, April 15, 2013

Free Ordinary Day Hair by Cazy

I have to say--I really love this hairstyle because of it's simplicity. Lately Cazy has been producing some interesting and beautiful styles. Be warned, though, that Cazy has mastered the art of making Sims models and photos appear much better than the average simmer. If you know how to do hair coloring/shine well, you can make this style on your Sim as good as it is in the picture! For females, toddler to adult.

All files are in .sims3pack


  1. Lovely :) Btw Im aware you're not accepting requests right now but when you start it would be really cool if you could do some eyebrows... there are so many good ones that are either not free or in package format :(

    1. I might consider eyebrows, but I think hair is time-consuming already.

  2. Whenever I use Cazys hairstyles, the hair looks so weird, there is always huge white patches at the back of the head. but they do look beautiful on pic

    1. The hair is deliberately made like that. It's because Cazy uses special hair-coloring techniques often associated with adjust-shine to make the hair very beautiful. A lot of people go with one hair color or don't have the knowledge of how to tweak hair using white "patches" or strips to make it appear as shine, not aging.


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