Friday, November 9, 2012

Free Cazy Sorrow Hair (Set)

I've definitely noticed an improvement in Cazy's hairstyles. This beautiful style is here completely free for you, or you can subscribe (purchase required) to TSR and get it there. Please show your support for more hairstyles in the future by following us and voicing your opinion in comments! It feels fantastic when we hear from our daily visitors.

For females; child to adult.

Please note: We hate package files, so that's why everything thing we provide is in .sims3pack :)


  1. Thank u for providing sims3pack! i hate packages too XDD! thanks a lot!

  2. beautiful! thank you! <3

  3. i noticed it too and been replacing a few hairstyles with his it texture is now exactly what I like not too fake and not too shiny


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