Thursday, November 8, 2012

Free Cazy "The Lie" Male Hair

It's been a while since we've posted a male hair, especially one designed only for males. Originally, this requires a subscription on the TSR, but here you can get the same file completely free. Enjoy:)

For males; adults only

Please note: We hate package files, so that's why everything thing we provide is in .sims3pack :)


  1. Really gorgeous, thanks for sharing.

  2. "THE WEIRD COMMENT" by William WordplayMaster
    I'm not gonna "LIE"
    and please don't ask why
    It's just that I think
    "You really are the best Hipsikum!"
    To you I giveth a wink
    and a "gangnam style" dance in my room
    Later you may think that this comment or poem is weird
    and a dirty bum's beard
    but give me a break I was bored and I just made this in a couple of minutes
    and who the heck knows what rhymes with minutes
    But just let me say
    that Hipsikum you are the ray
    of light against this cruel world filled with pay
    file hairs that we endure day by day
    And later you'll say that comment made my day.
    P.S. LOL is a palindrome

    1. Hahahah, my goodness, this is probably the most creative comment yet ;)


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