Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Get this Newsea Top Gift Free!

Want to win this hair for free? This tinypaste: http://tinypaste.com/b873b614 has the URL for the hair download. If you follow us on our blog you will receive the password to read the tinypaste. You can put your username from thesims3.com in a comment or if you like a little privacy, send it to us in an email to: hipsikum@gmail.com

Once you receive the password please don't share it with others because then you'd devalue this post :) Honor system everyone. :)

If you think this hair is great keep checking our blog; we have several new hairs everyday for free. You can choose to thank/support the creator (who is not us) by paying for the hair on www.newseasims.com, but the download link provided in the tinypaste (once unlocked) gives it to you for free.

We love you all <3

Please note: We hate package files, so that's why everything thing we provide is in .sims3pack :)


Feel free to comment. Request season is OPEN.


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