Thursday, July 19, 2012

Free Newsea Wishing Tree Hair (Just in Case You Missed It)

For all those frequent TSR users who missed this subscriber hair that became temporarily free in the exhange of taking a survey are in luck. If you decided not to take the survey, or perhaps missed the golden opportunity for a Newsea subscriber product, get this hair survey-free here! You can subscribe to TSR on and get the hair here There is purchase required if you want to be a subscriber to TSR. Enjoy the hair. :)

Please note: We hate package files, so that's why everything thing we provide is in .sims3pack :)


  1. You do everything in Sims3Pack? Thank goodness! I was wondering if you could do Anubis's braid {} in Sims 3 Pack? I really want to use it, but my package files won't work. :(

    If you can, could you send me a message on my simblr,

    Lots of love,


    1. Thanks for the request! Sorry for replying late, we were currently out for a while. I'd really love to provide the hair you wanted, but currently our servers cannot connect to modthesims, even with your link.

      I promise to keep looking and try again tomorrow.

      Thanks for checking our site!

  2. Can you make this available for ALL ages? :3


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