Monday, September 16, 2013

Brand New Weekly Schedule Update! (Monthly Message)

Hi everyone, how have you been?

Those of you who have been following us on social media (if you haven't, boo!) already know about this, but I wanted to make a post so everyone can know the changes that are happening to this blog.
Facebook Friday - Every Friday there will be an item(s) exclusively posted to our Facebook page. They will not be hair, but they can be sets, lots, clothes, makeup, and build/buy objects. This will be a fun way to thank the people who hit "like" on our Facebook page for their support.

Twitter Tuesday - Every Tuesday of the week, at least one item is uploaded to Twitter exclusively. Note that it WON'T any of the same items on FB (none will repeat). The item won't be hair as well, and it will be any other type of object. So if you're not yet, follow @hipsikumsims on Twitter so you don't miss any items! (Also you get a free follow back.)

I'm sorry that I've been awfully busy and haven't been finding the time to post. Most of you understand which is perfect, but some of you are still trying to request when request season is closed (and frankly, I can't find the time for it yet). I'm working on finding a good balance but otherwise this week will consist of spontaneous posts, if any.

Thanks for understanding!

Don't forget to show your support by following please! Like us on Facebook and follow me at @hipsikusims on Twitter.



  1. Awesome news. Thanks for the update and all your hard work! :)

  2. Thanks, and don't worry we all know your busy, you have life its totally ok :D <3


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