Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year + News

Hi everyone!

I'm still on my own winter break, but I've missed you! As I didn't make quite clear on the Christmas Gifts posts, I'm stepping away from the keyboard a bit to enjoy some quality time with my family and celebrate Christmas and New Years. I hope you all have had a lovely time no matter what you celebrate, and I hope my temporary absence doesn't leave you empty handed regarding Sims 3 hair.

I've noticed that there is probably the biggest pile of requests UTS3 has ever had. It's very exciting and fun for me to hear feedback from you, but my, can it be very overwhelming! Even if your requests aren't reached to you immediately, it will be probably fulfilled in some time after (especially now, since I'm currently not actively retrieving and distributing hair). I also wanted to say that requests are great, but please take the little time it does to make sure the hair you requested isn't already on here. It saves me some time (plus I can pretty much remember what I've already put). Also consider that when a very long list is requested, I will try my best, but sometimes not everything will be up. I'm really sorry about that but those lists can take hours to organize and post :(

Lastly, Happy 2013! I'm very excited to start off the new year with some new Sims 3 hair and some changes. I'm definitely considering expanding the Sims 3 hair for males and adding new features, gifts, and contests. I'm looking into getting some more Sims 3 makeup, but that's a whole other branch (the hair is very time consuming already). So let me know what changes you'd like to see here and don't forget to follow if you're not already!


PS: There have been some reports of broken links. I have not been able to identify nor recover the issue. Any body else experiencing issues with some links? I noticed something strange on my mediafire files; some of them say the files are all of a sudden 0b but the download still works for me. Please let me know if you have any take on the situation. Thanks!


  1. I know I've made a hefty pile of requests and I apologize. Overwhelming you was not my intention, I really just love this site.

    Sorry if I asked for too much and/or upset you. Enjoy as much time as you need.

    1. You have no reason to apologize! I'm sorry if you thought the post was directed towards you. By no means am I upset or disappointed. In fact, I'm so appreciative of the support in followers, comments, and requests. But thank you for the kind words, I know that you have nothing but the best intentions.

  2. Eagerly awaiting your return :)


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