Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quick! Get Free Full Outfit by Following!

Sorry but this is unfortunately closed. It wasn't very successful in general, and some of the items can be accessed via Follower's Gift. We'll do better at giveaways, we promise :(

Hello everyone,

We'd really like to get more followers as a sign of support. We know that we've been getting a lot more views, particularly from countries such as the USA, Germany, and the UK, but it'd be great if you guys followed us. So, to make it rewarding, we've decided to handout three subscription-required items from tsr completely free to the first 10 followers.

The first ten followers will receive the download links to the items exclusively (meaning it won't b up here on the site but sent personally). There are already two followers getting these gifts, so there are eight spots available. The following gifts that will be given out are:

Newsea "Reborn" hair set for all ages
Pralinesims "Hypnotic Poison" eyeshadow

Sims2fanbg "255 Party Set" dress + shoes

So please follow! We just added in the gifts for some fun, but if you enjoy the content on this site, please let us know by just following. 

Thanks so much.



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